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Header Types

Explore our fabulous range of elegant and contemporary headings for curtains

Pinch Pleat

Most commonly used with tracks pinch pleat curtains are made to cover the track as you close the curtains. They can be used with curtain poles too.

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Double Pinch Pleat

Double pinch pleat is best suited to curtain poles as they dress back with very little fuss and hold the dress position better. Double pinch pleated curtains uses the same amount of fabric in make up as pencil pleat.

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Triple Pinch Pleat

This heading is exactly the same as double pinch in its dress but is a fuller curtain using slightly more fabric. The addition of buttons sewn to the pleat can offer a way of giving you curtains that bespoke feel. A new range of Swarovski crystal buttons is proving very popular at present.

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Goblet Pinch Pleat

Goblets are a bold statement heading made along the same lines as triple pinch pleat and requiring the same amount of fabric. Perhaps more suited to taller ceilings this heading signifies grandiose and opulence.

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This modern heading is suited to all house styles but from our experience seems more popular in the new build market. Only available with a pole this heading adds a fresh feel to your curtains.

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Pinch Pleat Eyelets

Combining the old and new pinch pleat eyelets feature a double pinch pleat on an eyelet heading giving a best of both worlds feel. Pinch pleat eyelet dress back very nicely but use more material in make up than regular eyelets.

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Wave Headings

The wave travels under a specialised track with guides linked together inside the track which creates a perfectly even wave. This heading is another giving a modern feel.

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