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Tier on Tier

Two sets of panels, one on top of the other, that operate independently of each other.

Shutter louvres (that’s the part of the shutter that turns to allow in light) comes in five different sizes.

47mm or approx 2”
63mm or approx 2.5”
76mm or approx 3”
89mm or approx 3.5”
114mm or approx 4.5”

The most common louvre size is 63mm. It could be said that its best to go with a louvre size that is in proportion to the size of your window, with a larger louvre being required at a larger window. However there really isn’t a right or wrong. It’s more about personal taste. At BN Blinds and Curtains we always offer the best advice and our estimator has many year’s experience selling and fitting The tilt of the louvres can be operated in one of three different ways

  • Invisible tilt is where you grab hold of a louvre and turn and all the other louvres will follow suit
  • Centre tilt has a fixed bar in the middle of the shutter panel which operates the louvres by simply pulling up or down
  • Off centred tilt. Utilises the same bar as centre tilt but has the bar placed either towards the hinge or towards the centre of the panel.


With a choice of linings, curtain poles and accessories for a bespoke finish every time

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With a choice of linings, curtain poles and accessories for a bespoke finish every time


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